James is a Digital Producer in Brooklyn. Formerly worked as a writer, engineer and designer in industries ranging from tech to legal to journalism.

25th - Story 1



I stood there,

rooted to the entrance. My brain had forgotten to send the necessary signals to tell my lungs to intake breath. So there I stood, completely breathless, reconsidering each of my life’s decisions that led up to this moment. To my left, a white sheet of paper lay on the coffee table but my brain wasn’t making those connections.


“Welp, Let’s get to it”, drawled our Lieutenant.

The lineup, the breakdown of the crimes from the previous shift, what and who to be on the lookout for, had been short.
Generally, we’re packed into a small room lacking significant sunlight.
A small amount of sunlight graces a cramped room of sullen faces, waiting to hear what the day is going to look like.
Myself and the other rookies I’d graduated with weeks earlier were huddled in that room for only the third day of our five-day rotation, listening to our new superior. He ran through our rookie checklist before signing off.